Our Vision

Every child should be given the opportunity to succeed. A world where children were born into any social-economic situation should be afforded the opportunity to become impactful doers, contributors, and leaders. Children have the potential to do so much when given the right perspective.

Our Mission

Perspective Charity, a 501(c) 3 organization with no religious or political affiliations, is committed to connecting less fortunate families with support from family sponsors.

Sponsors, and their families, shall provide direct and continuous support through Perspective Charity to underprivileged and academically-inclined children. By providing scholarships, sponsors have the opportunity to visit and distribute educational supplies while visiting their sponsored child/children. Along with visits to these impoverished areas to provide academic support, Perspective Charity shall organize workshops and events in the US to further develop a realistic worldview, foster motivation to serve others, leadership skills, and develop skills for future citizens of the world.

Our Purpose

Perspective Charity provides a bridge for more fortunate children to less fortunate children to provide unique perspectives into each other’s worlds. Less fortunate children may not have the financial means to finish their education and establish the necessary foundation for a better future. More fortunate children may face different societal problems than those that are born into rural, and impoverished environments. These fortunate children are often ill-equipped to deal with the trials and tribulations that occur outside of their everyday lives. Many modernized, middle-to-upper class parenting styles focus on academic achievements and delay a child’s ability to apply their cognitive understanding to deal with the conflicts that occur due to human nature.   The primary purpose of Perspective Charity is to improve the development of children so that they can reach their maximum potential without the burden of social-economic conditions.

The world is filled with opportunities and values for those who have,
to further appreciate their lives through helping those who are not as fortunate
Ly-Duong Foundation (Founder- Sponsor)

Our Main Programs


  • Education is the first step to overcoming poverty. When you choose to sponsor the WINGS Scholarship, you are choosing to make a lifelong connection. You are giving opportunities to the underprivileged. The hope that they will one day carry on the legacy – a legacy of building a better future and positively impacting the world.

  • A simple way to contribute, is to provide basic school supplies for children of low-income families. Along with establishing scholarships, Perspective Charity shall also provide school supplies to ensure children have the basic tools necessary to learn. 

  • Principal to Perspective Charity is providing a different perspective to every family that takes part in the program. Through the Perspective Volunteer program, we enable families to meet scholarship recipients and see the change that their volunteer work enables.  The hope is to instill intrinsic motivation, empower future leaders, and facilitate the development of a new mindset