The Gift of Learning is a program that provides school supplies to all students from schools that Perspective Charity visits during its mission trips.  These schools are from under-resourced and impoverished regions. Gifts of Learning are vital because when impoverished families are faced to choose between food and water or school supplies, the choice is obvious.  This is why these gifts are critical to ensure children have the proper tools to learn.

Another integral part of the Gift of Learning is how Perspective Charity invests in the well-being of the schools and their surrounding communities. School supplies shall be bought from local vendors unless they are not available.  The budgeted cost for these supplies shall range from $10-$25 depending on locations and grades. By supporting the local community, community members will work with scholarship recipients and help boost attendance, encourage a drive for learning, help increase graduation rates, and increase the overall outlook for the region.

Gift of Learning: 2020

Gift of Learning: 2021